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This is my personal blog, mainly focused on dev topics (PHP, Golang, productivity, quality...). You can find all my posts (and others) on .

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Consistent Developer Journey with Dracula 🧛

How I stylized all my apps with Dracula theme to have a consistent developer more
📅 Aug 14, 2019

🔥 🤩 My Fucking Awesome Dev Setup 🤩 🔥

Increase your productivity with awesome Linux tools! more
📅 Jun 24, 2019

Building a Custom IDE with Tmux

How to set up tmux & tmuxp to build a reproducible development more
📅 Feb 5, 2019

My Go Toolkit to Build a (quite) Frameworkless App

How I manage to build a (quite) frameworkless app with more
📅 Jan 28, 2019

My PHP Toolkit to Build a (quite) Frameworkless App

My PHP Toolkit / On Building a (quite) Frameworkless App with Slim and no more
📅 Jan 22, 2019

🐘 Unit Tests in PHP

How to structure your code and use PHPUnit to mock your more
📅 Jan 15, 2019

It's Been Three Months Since My First Go LoC 🤓 🎓

What I've learned as a Go developer in the last 3 more
📅 Dec 22, 2018

How I Backup/Sync my Dotfiles & Apps

How I use git hooks and some scripts to backup / sync my more
📅 Oct 19, 2018

He Commits Vendor! 😱

Discussion about vendoring. What are pros and cons? more
📅 Oct 17, 2018

My Journey from PHP to Go

One week of Go dev for a PHP more
📅 Sep 20, 2018

🚥 How to Automate Code Quality Checks in your Workflow? ⚙

If you're interested in code quality and automation, you will be interested by knowing how to set up static analysis tools at each step of your project workflow (editor, git, CI/CD) more
📅 Sep 10, 2018

🚥 How to Write Clean Code in PHP 🐘

This is the first of a 2-part's series about code quality. This is mainly about PHP, but wait, don't run way! you may still be interested if you code in some « serious language » more
📅 Aug 31, 2018

CLI Love Inside ❤️

How to use your terminal, shell and some awesome CLI apps to enhance your productivity? more
📅 Aug 16, 2018